Do You Need Custom Carpentry Services in Jamison, PA?

If you’re interested in giving your home a special touch, carpentry services in Jamison, PA, offer the ideal solution. Old Fox brings together professional carpenters with knowledge and skills passed down for generations to create modern designs for your home using old-school techniques that last. We specialize in custom carpentry with expert finish carpenters who give you the desired results. Our team works closely with you to help you transform your home into your dream house.

Custom Stairs Project In Abington, PA

Customize Your Stairs and Railings

While we perform many carpentry services, we are best known for building custom stairs and custom railings in Jamison, PA. Whether you’re restoring an old home or want a classic touch for your new home, you can trust our custom carpentry services to design something that will make your home stand out and improve its aesthetic appeal. We use high-quality wood and materials to build safe, quality staircases that enhance your home and ensure long-lasting durability you will enjoy for many years.


We Create All Types of Staircases

Whether you want a straight staircase from one floor to another or an elegant curved staircase, our finish carpenters in Jamison, PA, are ready to tackle the job. We create a design that matches your specifications. Once you approve it, we’ll order the materials, build your custom stairs and custom railing, and install them promptly, giving you the beautiful home you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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